Not About to Fixate
   Texas Co-op Power, October 2021

When God Laughs
   Mysterious Ways (Guideposts), Oct/Nov 2021

The Bluebonnet Lady of Texas
   Texas Co-op Power, April 2021

When Lulu Listened: How a Ruffed Grouse Helped a Grieving Husband
All Creatures, March/April 2021

Hunting for Arrowheads, Artifacts and Fossils
   Texas Trophy Hunters, March/April 2021

Flower Power
   Texas Co-op Power, March 2021

Putting Down Roots
   Texas Co-op Power, February 2021

Czech Churches
   Texas Parks and Wildlife, January-February 2021

Sweet on Crab Apples
   Texas Co-op Power, November 2020

Meadow Oasis
   Texas Co-op Power, September 2020

Winging It
   Texas Co-op Power, July 2020

My Amazing Backyard
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, May 2020 (cover photo & story)

Crape Murder
   Texas Co-op Power, February 2020

Gordon’s Gold
   Texas Co-op Power, January 2020

Lazarus the Bug (essay)
     Texas Co-op Power, December 2019

Cotton on the Move
   Landscapes, Winter 2019

A Final Score
    Texas Co-op Power, October 2019

From the Shambles
   Texas Co-op Power, August 2019

From the Shambles
   Texas Co-op Power, August 2019

On the Road Again
   Landscapes, Summer 2019

Grown Locally (cover story)
   Texas Co-op Power, July 2019

Like a Moth to a Flame (cover story)
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, July 2019

“Key Lesson”
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grandparents (March 2019)

New Plant on the Block
   Wildflower, Spring 2019

Hail the Halls (cover story)
   Texas Co-op Power, February 2019

Lilies and Longhorns: San Angelo
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, January-February 2019

Someone Cares: Like a Diamond
   Guideposts, November 2018

Redemption in the Desert
    Texas Co-op Power, July 2018

Flowers Fresh From the Farm
   Landscapes, Summer 2018

Living Granddad’s Legacy
   Landscapes, Summer 2018

A Plucky Career Changes Pays Off
   Landscapes, Summer 2018

What the Devil? (cover story)
   Texas Co-op Power, March 2018

Standing Tall Once Again
   Texas Co-op Power, February 2018

Game Warden’s Gonzales
  Texas Parks & Wildlife, January 2018

Exotic Answers (cover story)
   Texas Co-op Power, September 2017

42 Commentary, August 2017
Golden Triangle
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, June 2017

Texas on a Grand Stage
   Texas Co-op Power, March 2017

The Top Spot: 42 Domino Game
   Texas Co-op Power, January 2017

Rohan Meadery
   Texas Co-op Power, August 2016

Buffalo Soldiers: The Unknown Army
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, Aug/Sept 2016

San Antonio: Natural mission
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, Aug/Sept 2016

Building Blanco Back
   Texas Co-op Power, May 2016

Canyon Lake: The Gorge
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, April 2016

Catalina Trail: Maiden of the Monarchs
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, March 2016

Mose’s Light (essay)
   Texas Co-op Power, December 2015

Uncle Charlie’s Gifts (essay)
   Texas Co-op Power, November 2015

Mason: Treasure Hunt
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, October 2015

Bird baths make a splash with wildlife
   San Antonio Express-News, June 3, 2015

Kerrville: Fire in the Hills
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, April 2015

Gone But Not Forgotten (essay)
   Texas Co-op Power, December 2014

Good Things Comes in Bunches
   Landscapes, Winter 2014

Faith in the Future
   Landscapes, Winter 2014

A Can-Do Spirit
   Landscapes, Winter 2014

All That’s Grape
   Landscapes, Winter 2014

Beaumont: Mixing Oil and Water
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, December 2014

Relics and Regaling in Brady
   Texas Co-op Power, November 2014

Close to Earth, Close to God
   Landscapes, Summer 2014

An Amazing Ride
   Landscapes, Summer 2014

The Family that Farms Together, Stays Together
   Landscapes, Summer 2014

Back From the Edge
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, July 2014

Watery World Made Simple
   Texas Co-op Power, June 2014

Connie Hagar: First Lady of Texas Birders
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, May 2014

Victoria: Fossati’s Delicatessen
   Texas Co-op Power, May 2014

Bringing Fresh Ideas to the Boardroom
   Landscapes, Winter 2013

A Blessed Ranch
   Landscapes, Winter 2013

A Gin is Born
   Landscapes, Winter 2013

When God Adjusts the Thermostat

On Purple Angel’s Wings
   Angels on Earth

More Cotton with Less Water
   Landscapes, Summer 2013

Building Better Cattle
   Landscapes, Summer 2013

Bull Dog’s Heart
   Guideposts, July 2013

Forgiveness in the Family
   Guideposts, June 2013

Nurturing Nature
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, April 2013

An Angel Under Her Own Roof
   Angels, April 2013

An Invasive’s Worst Nightmare
   Texas Co-op Power, March 2013

Presidio La Bahia
   Texas Co-op Power, February 2013

The Natural Stockman
   Landscapes, Winter 2012

Produce in the Trans-Pecos
   Landscapes, Winter 2012

Happy Pigs Make for Happy Customers
   Landscapes, Winter 2012

No Middle Man Here
  Landscapes, Winter 2012

A Benchmark for Breeding
   Landscapes, Wildlife 2012

Growing by Leaps and Bounds
   Landscapes, Wildlife 2012

This is Quite a Peeling
   Texas Co-op Power, October 2012

Aquatica’s Splashing Debut
   Texas Highways, August 2012

The Squirrel Whisperer (essay)
   Texas Co-op Power, August 2012

A Business Boost from a Heavenly Advisor
  Angels, July/August 2012

At a Loss for Words (essay)
   Texas Co-op Power, June 2012

Tapping into Smart Financial Solutions
   Landscapes, Summer 2012

I Track Wildlife
   Texas Co-op Power, June 2012

Bringing Joy to Special Children
   Guideposts, May 2012

Driven to Square Dance
   Texas Co-op Power, March 2012

The Wonder of It All*
   Morgan’s Wonderland offers something special for everyone
   Texas Co-op Power, January 2012
       *2012 Print Feature Winner, Barbara Jordan Award, Texas
       Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities

Closure Via a Stamp (essay)
   Texas Co-op Power, December 2011

Flora Fact: Smoking Cigar
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, December 2011

Wild Thing: Pop Goes the Weasel
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, December 2011

Flora Fact: Tiny Terror, the Fiery Chile Pequin
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, November 2011

Living High on the Wing
   Texas Co-op Power, October 2011

Poison Ivy Primer
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, October 2011

Pistol Packin’ Paula
   Texas Co-op Power, September 2011

Rangeland Restoration
   Landscapes, Wildlife 2011

Wally Dallenbach’s Other World
   Landscapes, Wildlife 2011

Miss Tootsie Puts Lexington on the BBQ Map
   Texas Co-op Power, June 2011

Taking the ‘Wild’ Out of Fire
   Landscapes, Summer 2011

No, Not the Car Wash!
   Texas Co-op Power, April 2011

Texas Nature Project: Changing Young Lives, One at a Time
   Landscapes, Winter 2010

A Close Shave (essay)
   Texas Co-op Power, March 2011

Five-and-Dime Happy Times
   Texas Co-op Power February 2011

Christmas Eve Prayer
   Guideposts, December 2010

A Mother’s Thankful Prayers
   Guideposts, November 2010

Texas Tongue Twisters
   Texas Co-op Power, November 2010

On Point
   Landscapes, Wildlife 2010

The Plant Hunter–Benny Simpson
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, August 2010

Goodbye to a River Turns 50
   Texas Highways, 2010

The Word’s Out
   Angus Journal, July 2010

Beetle Mania
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, June 2010

Prime Cut: Looking for Love in All the Right Places
    Guideposts, June 2010

Behooved to Help
   Landscapes, Summer 2010

Missing Mississippi
   Landscapes, Summer 2010

A Day in the Park
    Texas Highways, April 2010

Purple Martin Landlords
    Texas Co-op Power, January 2010

Wild Thing: Water Strider
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, May 2010

When Birds Go Bald
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, May 2010

Space of His Own–Astronaunt Doug Hurley
    Landscapes, Winter 2009

The Wagonmaster
   American Profile, August 26, 2009

Sage Advice
   Texas Co-op Power, August 2009

Easter Bloomer
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, April 2009

Crazy Ants
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, April 2009

Weeds Redefined (essay)
    Texas Co-op Power, April 2009

TH Moment with Nolan Ryan
    Texas Highways, April 2009

    Texas Parks & Wildlife, January 2009

Say Cheese
    Texas Co-op Power, December 2008

Leaves of Fire
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, November 2008

Haunted Jefferson
   Texas Highways, October 2008

Chickens Are a Girl’s Best Friend
   Landscapes, Winter 2008

Texas-Style Diplomacy
   Texas Highways, 2008

Texas White House
    Texas Co-op Power, August 2008

Digging for Dinner
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, June 2008

Black-eyed Susan
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, May 2008

Plucky Pelicans
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, April 2008

Texas Backyards Gone Wild (cover story)
    Texas Co-op Power, March 2008

Outlaw on the Air
    Texas Co-op Power, February 2008

Piercing Moments (essay)
    Texas Co-op Power, February 2008

Web Mania!
Spiders spin a mysterious masterpiece at Lake Tawakoni
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, January 2008

Silver Star (essay)
    Texas Co-op Power, December 2007 (page 20-21)

Bob Phillips: Texas Country Reporter
    Texas Co-op Power, December 2007 (cover story)

Bug in Your Punch
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, October 2007

A Texas Highways Moment with Barry Corbin
    Texas Highways, August 2007

The Cowgirl Way
   Angus Journal, February 2007 (PDF)

Fishing for Laughs: 25 Years of Tuna, Texas
    Texas Highways, December 2006

Mural, Mural on the Wall
    American Profile, Dec. 17, 2006

The Storytelling Place
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, November 2006

Mastering Matagorda
   Texas Parks & Wildlife, November 2006

Book of Life (essay)
   Better Homes and Gardens, February 2006

Living Solo (essay)
   Texas Co-op Power, pgs. 22-23, February 2006

Barth’s Restaurant, Kenedy (essay)
   Texas Co-op Power, November 2005

Scary Scavengers
    Texas Parks & Wildlife, October 2005

Flower Farms Bloom in Texas (cover story)
   Texas Co-op Power, July 2005

The June Bug Caper of 1906 (essay)
    Texas Co-op Power, January 2005 (page 27)

    Texas Co-op Power, October 2004 (page 6)

Murder, They Write
    Texas Co-op Power, June 2004 (page 8)

State Lines: Marking Outside the Box (essay)
    Houston Chronicle, February 22, 2004

Certified Visionary
   Angus Journal, September 1999

Bluebonnets’ State Flower Song
    Texas Highways, 1998

F. C. Murphy
   Angus Journal, December 1998